SCEP School Comprehensive Plan

In 2012 the M.L. Mulvey Elementary School was deemed a Focus School by NYSED based upon the inability to show adequate growth within a subgroup of our school population. As a requirement, CISD was required to offer School Choice to students attending the Mulvey School.  We were also required to develop a School Leadership Team to complete a School Comprehensive Education Plan (SCEP) which focused on the following six tenets:

 Six Tenets: Focused ideas for school and district effectiveness identified as follows:

1. District Leadership Practices and Decisions;

2. School Leadership Practices and Decisions;

3. Curriculum Development and Support;

4. Teacher Practices and Decisions;

5. Student Social and Emotional Developmental Health; and

6. Family and Community Engagement.

This plan is included in the attached related file.

With over site from the NYSED and the implementation of the attached SCEP plan we are confident that the M.L. Mulvey  Elementary School will be recognized as a School in Good Standing.

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Jessica Iafrate
Principal, M.L. Mulvey Elementary School