Family Student Handbook

Mulvey Family / Student Handbook


School Day Hours

The starting time for all Mulvey students is 9:12 a.m.  Students are to enter the building and proceed directly to their classrooms.  If your child is a walker, please be certain that they arrive no earlier than 9:00 as there is no outdoor supervision until that time.  If your child is driven to school, please drop them off on the street closest to their drop off point, either East Sycamore Street or Boulevard Avenue.  Please do not park or pull up in front of the building.  This area is for buses only.  Bus students should refer to their bus pass for appropriate pick-up and drop-off times and locations.  For all questions related to busing, please call Suffolk Transportation at 631-665-3245.

Dismissal begins at 3:02.  All walkers will be dismissed by their teacher from the arrival/dismissal location listed below.  When picking up your child, please remember to park legally.  For the safety of children, please do not double park on East Sycamore Street.  Please instruct anyone picking up your child to wait at the gates to assist us in providing a safe and orderly dismissal.

Arrival/Dismissal Locations

Kindergarten and First Grade:  East Exit on East Sycamore Street

2nd & 3rd Graders:  The Main Entrance on Boulevard Avenue

4th, 5th & 6th Graders:  The South Entrance on Boulevard Avenue

Communication / Phone Numbers


Early Pick-up

You will need to be 18 years of age and provide a valid photo ID when picking up your child.  Should you send someone to pick up your child, their name must appear on the emergency card.  Please let the office know, no later than 2:00, if you are making alternate dismissal plans.  Please try to avoid signing your child out early.  Your child should only be signed out for emergencies or doctor appointments only.  NO CHILD WILL BE RELEASED AFTER 2:45 WITHOUT PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS.  IF YOU ARRIVE AFTER 2:45 YOUR CHILD WILL BE DISMISSED AT THE REGULAR TIME UTILIZING THEIR STANDARD METHOD OF DISMISSAL.


Be sure children attend school daily.  If your child is absent, an excuse note must be given to the teacher upon his/her return to school.  If your child is late to school, you must enter the building with your child and sign them in.  Trimester awards will be given to students with 100% attendance.

Breakfast in the Classroom

All students will receive a free and nutritious breakfast upon arriving to homeroom.  The weekly schedule will be sent home to families on the first day of school and will be available for viewing on the district website.  Homeroom is considered the first 15 minutes of the day.  Your child must be in attendance during homeroom to receive breakfast.


Transportation to and from your child’s school is the responsibility of the Suffolk Transportation Bus Company.  If the bus is late or does not come, please do not call the school.  Please call the bus company @ (631) 665-3245.  However, if there are any problems on the bus,  to/from school, please let us know so that action can be taken as soon as possible.


Students entering the Kindergarten, First Grade, Third grade and Fifth Grade are required to submit an updated Physical Form.  These forms were mailed home in the summer and are available at school or upon request may be sent home in your child's backpack.  You can also download a copy from the District Website.  Please see the Health Information Link for detailed information regarding health forms and immunization.


Uniform Dress Code

The school board has adopted a uniform dress code for grades K-8.  Students are to wear blue or Khaki pants, skirts or jumpers, no jeans, a white/light blue shirt with long or short sleeves or turtle neck and dress shoes, no sneakers.  

GYM DAYS - Blue Sweat pants and a t-shirt with jeans and sneakers.  



Your child will have a 20 minute lunch period and a 20 minute recess period.  Al students will receive lunch free of cost. In order to continue this program, we will need you to complete the Community Eligibility Forms at Meet the Teacher Night.

School Rules

Students are not permitted to wear hats or have any potentially dangerous weapons or items that could be used as weapons in school.  Cell phones are not permitted to be used in school and we hold no responsibility if they are lost or stolen.  Please refer to the student code of conduct located in the Districts School Calendar for specifics related to appropriate student conduct as well as disciplinary actions.

We have a zero tolerance policy for Physical Contact during fights.  The fist offense results in 5 days of detention and a letter of notification to the parent.  The second offense is an out of school suspension. 

Any child who engages a physical conflict which requires a student to seek medical attention will be suspended for a minimum of two days.

In grades 4 -6 all violations of the school code of conduct will result in after school detention.  Parents will be notified that their child is remaining after school and students will be dismissed as walkers or on the late bus at 3:40. 


BUS Discipline Reports

 Suffolk Transportation submits bus referrals to the main office when a situation occurs on the bus that could endanger the safety of others.  Once a bus referral is received in the office, the children specified in the incident will report to the office for a conference with the principal.  Progressive discipline will be followed.  First offense is an individual conference/warning. The parents will be contact with written notification.  The second offense will result in a discipline conference, Lunch detention and a phone call to the parent indicating that should there be a third offense, the child will be suspended from transportation services for the period of one week.